Stink, Stank, Stunk

Stink, Stank, Stunk

Sophia Swanson, Writer

Have you ever wondered what the top five smelliest foods are? Ranging from reheated fish to the all smelly durian, here they are.

The first smelly food on our list is reheated fish. Reheated fish is exactly as it sounds like REHEATED fish. Oven or microwave the fish doesn’t care. The Wall Street Journal concludes that along with liverwurst sandwiches reheated fish is among the smelliest.

Second, is the Japanese food called Natto. Natto is fermented soybeans and is often served with rice, miso soup, or sushi. Natto is often compared to a stinky sock and it has a very pungent odor.

Next, is a food called Limburger Cheese. A sole cheese plant in Monroe, Wisconsin, makes this stinky food made in the U.S. Many people don’t like the smell so they back out of this food but in Wisconsin it is beloved. Often it is served with raw onions as a topping!

The fourth food may surprise you, it is Surstr√∂mming. Surstr√∂mming is the Swishes version of Swedish fish. It is a sour fermented Herring and that’s about it. The government of Sweden says that it has a “pungent smell of rotting fish.” Also, people say that you should wash them before serving. The government also warns that “the tin should be opened outdoors but its contents are best eaten indoors as the smell attracts flies.”

Last is the stinkiest food of all, the durian. This fruit with its spiky outer layer is soo smelly that there are signs up all over Asia banning the durian on subways, plains, taxis, and any other public places. The durian is often used for sweet bun filling and smoothies but there have been fruit pops made out of them too.