Colorado Suddenly Heated up into Flames

Colorado Suddenly Heated up into Flames

Clara Liptzin, Writer

Colorado was raging with heat after parts of it stuck up in flames around July 31st, 2020 after a lot of lightning struck. For over a month now, more than almost 140,000 acres have been burning to the ground. Thes fires are happening about 18 miles north of Grand Junction. They were said to have been caused by humans mostly, but some of them were also caused by lightning. 

There have been 12 fires but 6 of them have been contained. As of September 17th, fires were Pine Gultch, Cameron Peak, Grizzly Creek, Williams Fork, Middle Fork, and Thorpe. There have also been some smaller ones but they had been contained.  

Luckily, on the first of September, it snowed. This snow helped contain a lot of the fire. 

As of the 22nd, the fires left are Cameron Peak (15% contained and unknown cause), Middle Fork (No containment reported and caused by lightning), Grizzly Creek (91% contained and believed to be human-caused), and Williams Fork (16% contained and also believed to be human-caused). 

California, Washington, and Oregon have also been suffering from horrible wildfires. In all four of these places the air quality has been horrible and parts of the states you can see ashes. Some places the skies look very red/orange. 

Hopefully, our firefighters will get these all under control and the many people who have lost their homes, cars, ect., are doing okay.