Jesus Flores-Marmolejo, Writer

The Washington Nationals are looking bad this season they are at the very bottom of the NL East 5th is the Washington Nationals 4th is the New York Mets 3rd is Miami Marlins 2nd is the Philadelphia Phillies and 1st is the Atlanta Braves. The Washington Nationals are 2nd with the least wins in the National League and the team with the least wins is the Pittsburgh Pirates. Last MLB season the Chicago White Sox’s were not so good but this season somehow they are first place in the AL central 2nd Minnesota Twins 3rd the Cleveland Indians 4th the Detroit Tigers and last place which is the Kansas city Royals.

Over in the National League we have the Padres in the west that didn’t win that much last season but this season, they are incredible they are 2nd in the NL West in 1st place we go the Los Angeles Dodgers and 2nd is the San Diego Padres 3rd San Francisco Giants 4th The Colorado Rockies and last We got the Arizona diamondbacks. Mookie Betts gets traded to Los Angeles Dodgers and everyone was shocked. Bryce Harper gets ejected from the game as he was complaining with the umpired about a pitch and that made the Philadelphia Phillies lose 5-1 over the New York Mets. Los Angeles Dodgers already advanced to the wildcard and other teams are getting ready to advanced to the wildcard.

Mlb teams passed to the division series there are 8 teams playing to win and go to the League Championship Series. The first game is the Houston Astros vs Oakland Athletics the other game is New York Yankees vs Tampa Bay Rays the other game is San Diego Padres vs Los Angeles Dodgers and the other game is Miami Marlins vs Atlanta Braves.The Athletics have been very good this year they Might have a advantage to beating the Astros.Tampa Bay rays has also been very good this year and i think they are going to beat the Yankees because,Tampa Bay had 40 wins in the season and Yankees had 33 wins so who knows.the Padres also been good also the Dodgers but the Dodgers are going to win because they had the most wins 43 wins.for Miami Marlins vs Atlanta Braves, i have no idea who might win because the marlins have been winning lately they went from L’s to W’s, they have been winning a lot and the Braves have 2 of the best players Ronald acuña Jr. and Freddie Freeman.The MLB divisional series is happening.I think the Yankees will advance,also the Astros i think will advance,they are winning 2-0 today is game 3,i think dodgers also and i don’t know who is winning Braves or prediction for the league championships is Yankees vs Astros and dodgers vs braves.

Tampa Bay Rays and the Houston Astros are in the ALCS and the Los Angeles Dodgers and the Atlanta braves are in the NLCS.Tampa Bay rays beat the Houston Astros and are in the world series with Los Angeles Dodgers.Los ANgeles dodgers won game 1 and i think they are going to win this world series because they have some good players like Cody Bellinger,Mookie Betts,Cory Seager,Justin turner and more, they might win this year and they have been fighting over the years to win but they still don’t succeed,so this means they might win this year.