2021 Olympics


Sarah Runge, Writer

The 2021 Summer Tokyo Olympics was postponed for the first time because of Corona Virus. The capital of Japan is hosting their 2nd time summer Olympics, the countries 4th time overall if we include their winter Olympics. This decision was made because of three really important decisions.

1-To protect the health of athletes and everyone involved

2-To make sure the athletes are in prime condition

3-The international sports calendar

The new dates of the Olympics ensure that the world changes and health changes due to Covid-19 can not affect this event again. Because of this the committee of the Olympics has kept the events strictly on a time schedule to ensure that everybody does their events. This applies to the Paralympics too. The Olympics Committee is a Non Profit group made up of volunteers, the committee says “they are committed to making this world a better place through the world of sports.” Tokyo Claims they will be using as many venues as possible to make this international event go on. There will 5 new events at the Olympics, these include Surfing, Sport Climbing, Skating, Softball, and Baseball.