BTS is First On Billboard 100


Keira Vipani, Writer

On Billboard 100, the top song is Dynamite by BTS. BTS is an all Korean boy band that sings in English, but incorporates some Korean in their music. BTS has been together since 2013, which is 7 years as one band. BTS’ first album is called “2 cool 4 skool”, which was released June 12, 2013, which proves how long they have been successful as a music group. 

The album that Dynamite is part of is called Gratitude for ARMY & More. BTS calls their fans ARMY, which stands for Adorable Representative M.C. for Youth. The band is obviously grateful for their fans to dedicate a whole album name for them. After all, their fans helped to get them to be number one on The Hot 100 chart Billboard. 

The members of this boy band include V, a singer, Jungkook, a singer, Jimin, a singer, Jin, a singer, Suga, a rapper, RM, a rapper, and J-Hope, a rapper. All of these loyal to their band musicians have been in their role since 2013, when the group was formed. 

EXO is the competing K-pop group against BTS. BTS is the first ranked K-pop group but EXO isn’t far behind. EXO is a mix of South Korean and Chinese in their music and within the members. EXO started their formation in 2006, but made their debut in 2011. The group consists of 12 members, separated in 2 sub groups, which is a large team of musicians compared to the 7 in BTS. 

BTS has fans in America, Korea and everywhere else in the world. They are a worldwide famous boy band that has fans, or ARMYs everywhere, so they don’t have much of a problem filling up their concert seats.