Nuggets vs Clipper Series Recap

Nuggets vs Clipper Series Recap

Mac Shaw, Writer


The Nuggets vs. the Clippers have faced each other in the semifinals after 2 close series in the first round beating each of their opponents, as they faced off in the last few weeks, at the Orlando world wide sports resort, with the Nuggets eventually winning in 7 games. Each of these teams were contenders to win the championship this year with the Nuggets being the third seed and the Clippers being the second seed. The Nuggets eventually moved on to face the Lakers. 

The game’s scores were as follows. The Clippers won game one: 120-97. The Nuggets won game two: 110-101. The Clippers won game three: 113-107. The Clippers won game four: 96-85. The Nuggets won game five: 111-105. The Nuggets won game six: 111-98. The series ended in a game seven with the Nuggets coming out on top with 104 to the Clipper’s 89.

Both teams have superstarson their teams, Clippers having Kawhi Leonard, and Nuggets with Nikola Jokic. Both played great in the series with Jokic having about 20 points and 7 assists in games against the Clippers in the regular season. Leonard is averaging 25 points and 4 assists against the Nugget this season. Usually being down 3-1 in aseries means total defeat, but the Nuggets joined 11 other teams that came back from 3-1 after beating the Jazz, but then the Nuggets did it again and are the only team in NBA history to come back from a 2 consecutive 3-1 deficits and make NBA history.

Leonard left the Toronto Raptors after winning a championship last year to join the Clippers team, with Paul George. Because the Clippers blew a 3-1 lead as the almost predefined finals appearance, it was a total disaster for the Clippers and Leonard and have been criticized as a team, and if it was the right decision to have traded all their picks for Paul George. Paul George stated, “That hurts, that hurts. It hurts. It hurts … But we move on. You know, again, Year 1 together, first run together. Of course we wanted to win this. But we’ve been very optimistic about us being together and building something going down the road.” He believes that the Clippers will come back next year better than last year. This series was a great battle between great teams and made a great and exciting series.