Teens and Screens During the Pandemic



Margaret Martin, Writer

Teen’s should be allowed more time on screen’s to connect with friends and the outside world so long as they steer clear of less positive aspects of screens. Teens are seeing an increase in time spent on screens during the pandemic however this is ok. An article from the Harvard Pilgrimage about how to manage screens during the pandemic states, “children are experiencing an increase in screen time, but experts are saying it’s going to be ok. In fact, there’s actually very little evidence directly connecting screen time to harm in kids.” An increase in screen time will not damage kids but instead allow them to connect with friends and family in a meaningful way. However there are negative forms of this screen time increase such as worthless scrolling through social media and YouTube. These types of screen time are not beneficial and teens need to be mindful and avoid these as best as they can.

Video games are often seen as negative forms of screen time that don’t serve any of the positive purposes that screens can have, however this is not true. playing video games with friends can provide more tangible connections and give a reason to connect with friends and help move along the conversation. When you play video games with a friend you feel like you are actually having an interaction with each other and are doing something together instead of just talking about the same things over and over again. 

The real danger of screens is when they replace important aspects of life such as sleep and exercise. So more screens are ok as long as the teens using them still lead a balanced life and are mindful of the way they are using screens so they don’t use screens in a negative way and non-beneficial way.