CEO of Temptations Cat Treats Fired


Fiona Perry , Writer

(Fake news story)

CEO of the beloved Temptation Cat Treats company was fired for being a dog owner on September 22nd, 2020 after a tour of their factory in Colorado. Ragdoll cats French Fries and Cheezburger were given every cat’s dream vacation; a trip to the Temptations factory. 

During the tour, Temptations CEO, Robert Dogpersun was caught giving his dog a belly rub in his office! After the story got on the news, he replied in an interview, “Yes. I own a dog. Does that make Temptations any less delicious to cats? I don’t think so. I hope that me owning a dog will not affect any of my customers’ views of our company.” 

Sadly for Temptations, it has affected their customer’s opinions. Many cats across America have started a strike from Temptations, including Cheezburger. “He hasn’t come out from under the table in two weeks!” said Molly Brushlacat, owner of Cheezburger. “The house call vet said that if he stays under this much stress for much longer, he will die!” 

Other cats, on the other hand, have a much different view of the situation. Leonard Catbrusher said, “We were hoping that after the news spread to Buttercup, it would help with his temptations addiction. Apparently, he likes them too much to stop.”  

As a result of the whole fiasco, Temptations fired over 300 employees, including Robert Dogpersun and many others, who were found to own one or more dogs. “We were completely unaware of the situation,” said the Chairmen of Temptations. “We have taken care of those employees and we hope our customers can put the whole thing behind us.” 

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