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Kids Locked in De-Escalation Room With No Way Out


Kids were kept in seclusion rooms and they had locks on the door and window. During 7th grade kids were kept in secluded rooms in Mcauliffe International between the years 2021-2023 they locked all the kids in there until they de-escalated. There is an investigation underway at Mcauliffe about the seclusion rooms.


As students at Mcauliffe we asked the 8th grade dean Mr. Johnson about this situation and he states “the seclusion room is not called that but called the de-escalation room” and quote “is only used for people with certain plans”. As students we had visited the room that they kept the kids in and we were not allowed to enter. But they had to change the door and change the whole room to make sure people wouldn’t know what happened in there.


DPS launched an investigation on the De-escalation rooms on August 3rd. 2 weeks before school. Mr. Klaver was put on Administrative Leave after not even starting on the job. He was put on administrative leave due to the investigation. Former principal Mr. Dennis was fired for allegedly speaking up about letting a kid who was allegedly convicted of murder into our school.


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My name is Rohan Pilson and I am in 8th grade and I like snowboarding. In my free time, I like to play Fortnite because it is fun. I like to write about sports because it is interesting to write about.

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