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See the Titanic Yourself


OceanGate Expeditions offers a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to go in the Titan submarine to see the famous shipwrecked British luxury liner, the Titanic. It is costly but I’m sure it’s well worth the experience of seeing the Titanic for yourself. 

       Since the Titan submarine incident, OceanGate Expeditions has suspended all exploration and commercial tours but in the past, they have led 14 expeditions and over 200 dives they have all gone very well, and they all have a historic scientific destination that you can see.

      The trip lasts 8 days, and the expedition starts at the Atlantic Ocean on the coast of Canada. Overall the cost of this tour is costly at $ 250,000 per person but this is all worth it. The package includes one submersible dive, private accommodations, training, all the gear, and all meals. However, the means of getting there are on you and so are the travel, hotels, and meals before departure Travel and personal insurance are also not included in the pricing.

The submarine can hold 5 people, the people on board include a pilot, three participants, and a content specialist.

The whole week’s plan looks like this,

Day 1: The day starts at Canada’s St. John’s Newfoundland, the crew and pilot let the participants on board so they can familiarize themselves with the submarine and get used to it.

Day 2: The crew does further familiarization with the craft and they all go over safety tips and logistics for the dive day.

Day 3-7: The rest of the days are about deep diving to go see the famous Titanic and have the time of your life.

       The Titanic was the first ever luxury liner to carry 3,320 people in speed and comfort. The experience of going to see the Titanic will be earth-shattering for anyone. The Titanic was such an important thing in our lives because most of our families were on it so imagine being connected and being able to go see something that your ancestors were on and being that close to history itself. Unimaginable. 1. Clarify the importance of the Titanic: While the text mentions that the Titanic was an important part of our lives and history, it would be helpful to explain why it was such a significant event. Providing more context and details about the Titanic’s impact on society could help readers understand why this opportunity is so unique and valuable.



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