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DOK-ING MV4 Used for Clearing Land Mines in Ukraine

DOK-ING MV4 Used for Clearing Land Mines in Ukraine

This new armored/weaponized vehicle will be used in Ukraine to clear Russian land mines to take back land from the Russians. This vehicle does so by launching a string of weights in front of it, detonating all mines in that area. It then moves over the area scooping up all other excess mines.

This vehicle can clear 2,184 square feet in an hour, making this a very effective method of clearing mines at a large rate. Because of this vehicle’s usage in the field, it will help take back Ukraine’s land at a faster rate than clearing the mines in any other way.

The DOK-ING MV4 can travel at a speed of 5 km/h and .5-1.26 km/h while clearing a minefield. The operator can be at a safe distance of 1.5 km away while the explosion is going on. The DOK-ING MV4 can be used closer to the front lines, but it does not have any active protection from enemy actions. 

Land mines are meant to be hidden from the naked eye, which is why they are not so easy to detect. The basic non-machine way to do this task is to have a specific person go out into the minefield and disable them. Of course, this takes a lot of time and effort to do, and as you can imagine is not very effective and highly dangerous. The DOK-ING MV4 makes the process thousands of times easier and far safer.

The DOK-ING MV4 is a way to get rid of a large amount of mines, in a short amount of time, without risking human lives in the process. That is why these machines will be used long after the war to get rid of all other issues, such as the amount of land last in the war. The DOK-ING MV 4 has already seen use on the Ukraine grounds and has helped clear and get miles of land back from the Russians.

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