Junji Ito: The Master of Horror


Lia Biggs, Staff Writer

Junji Ito, otherwise known as The Master of Horror, is a manga artist born in 1963 who focuses on horror. Junji Ito is a great horror mangaka, and his abilities give people the fear that they may want while reading horror.

Junij Ito is able to draw human eyes, and once readers actually see them it’s a bit uncanny. Ito also understands that spoiling tension means spoiling the mystery, so in his stories, Ito starts it off normal and brings the horror part later on. Ito also understands humans, and by that I mean he understands phobias, discomforts, as well as the human body. This understanding is what makes his horror manga so good, he’s able to scare people with common fears and discomforts in his manga, and he’s able to twist and disfigure the human body. Ito also gets his ideas from fears that many people have, such as claustrophobia or a fear of the depths of the ocean. Not only does he get his ideas from fears but discomforts as well, and throughout the story he expands on these fears and discomforts which is how the manga gets more and more scary to people.

A few stories that are more known by Junji Ito are Uzumaki and Tomie. Uzumaki is probably Junji Ito’s most known/famous story. Tomie on the other hand was more of Ito’s debut story. Shiver is also good since it’s many short horror stories. Uzumaki is about a town obsessed with spiral, and Tomie is about a woman who drives men to madness.

Junji Ito is worthy of the title “Master of Horror” because he’s able to get into the minds of readers, and his stories are a great thing for horror fans.