Delila, Atlas, and Cole are kids to a elderly seventy year old woman named Mrs. McDyer, a woman who is sick due to Stage 4  Breast Cancer. Mrs. McDyer was a famous actor In Hollywood and wanted the best for her three kids. Mrs. McDyer is planning on leaving  9 million dollars for her children but she only signed the will to One Child with most of the money. 

One day, during dinner Mrs. McDyer decided to bring the topic. Delila, Atlas, and Cole were very ambitious and would do anything to get their hands in on the money. Ever since that day they wouldn’t get along, the times that they were together turned into arguments between Atlas and Cole. Delila just listened and stayed quiet. Atlas and Cole kept arguing about who did more things for Mrs.McDyer. Atlas helped Ms.McDyer with things when needed to. But, Atlas always had an attitude. Cole never did a single thing that Mrs.McDyer told him to do. Delila did everything Mrs.McDyer told her to do right there and then, she never had an attitude when helping. 

Delila was sick and tired of what had been going on for quite some time, she had been listening to the same thing over and over. Delila decided to bring the topic of no matter who got the will they would still get along. Atlas and Cole had heard the topic that Delila had brought up. But, they decided to not listen and keep arguing about who should be one to get the will like they always do. 

Ms.McDyer brought the topic back up, she had said that she had never seen or heard such things. The children should get along because they will forever be siblings so there is no need to hate or stop talking to each other just for a will that someone earned and really wasn’t even their money. 

Soon after a couple weeks Mrs. McDyer passed away from the cancer and it was time to see who finally got the will after all the fighting Cole and Atlas did they all sat down in front of the lawyer, Delila crying because of her mothers death and Atlas and Cole still arguing. The lawyer grabbed all of the things that Ms.McDyer had left for them including the will. Atlas got the house and Cole got her things but only Delila got the 9 million she left. Atlas and Cole were left arguing while Delila was left happy but in tears.