Should Everyone Have Pets


Webb Lynott, Staff Writer

Many people own pets in their households- it’s a great way to feel better after a hard day. However, some people don’t, which brings up the question- Should everyone have pets? There are many pros and cons to owning a pet, and this article will explore those reasons. 

First, a pro of having a pet is you get time to exercise. You can get outside and walk your dog, and socialize with other people while doing so! Pets can also help with loneliness. If you don’t have anyone to hang out with, play with your pet! If you have a dog, it can help with home security too. In short, there are many pros to owning a pet.

Even with all these pros, there are still cons. One con is the expenses. First, you have to buy a pet. Then, you have to buy food, health care, and other things depending on the pet you own. Another con is you can’t be away from home for too long unless you have someone who cares for them. They need food and to use the bathroom, and they can’t do that on their own when you’re gone. Finally, one more bad thing about owning pets is how much time it takes to manage them. Again, you have to take them to the bathroom, make them food, and spend time with them. For these reasons,  owning a pet could be seen as a bad thing.

In my opinion, everyone should own a pet if they have the money and time. Pets always will make you happy. If you don’t have money or time, I would reconsider buying a pet. In conclusion, these reasons prove that everyone that has a sustainable amount of money and time should get a pet.