Skipping Class


Jacqueline Hernandez, Author

Skipping class is something very common that happens in middle school. Most students skip class because the class that they are in is very boring or they don’t like it in general. 

Skipping class might seem fun and something cool to do. In reality it’s affecting your learning in that class and trying to catch up will be very hard since you don’t have the sources that you need for a specific unit.

Most students skip with friends from the same grade as them or from a different grade. Half of the time you see students skipping in the bathrooms in a stall. But other times you see students in different places in the whole school.

Sometimes students are lucky enough to not get caught for a whole class period but some are sadly caught and get consequences and have to go back to class. If they get caught skipping and it becomes a problem the students will have to have a meeting with the deans and after they will call a guardian. Then the deans ask if it’s okay if they have a meeting with the parents of the student.

Now they have deans and other teachers in the halls watching out for students skipping class, deans might be hanging around in front of the bathrooms or next to it. The deans have caught on to where students mostly skip making it hard for students to go out or go in.