Things To Do Over Summer

Things To Do Over Summer

Lauryn Casey, Author

Are you having trouble figuring out how to stay active and busy during summer? Well in this article I will tell you about the top three best summer activities.

Going to the pool. This is the top summer activity. There are many good things about going to the pool. It is free for most people. You can meet new people because most are public. You can learn new tricks off diving boards. And there are so many other great things to pools but don’t be fooled I did find a couple minuses. For a lot of people you meet new people at school but over the summer you might find out that none of you live by the same pool. You could get hurt on the diving board. These are the only down sides that I found with the pool and considering all this I do believe that this is one of the best activities.

Activities and camps. These are so much fun! There are so many varieties of camps and activities. You can do any type of activity that suits your interests, you can meet new people and this takes up weeks on end to keep you busy. Some of the downsides I found were that if you did not get into the camp then, well you can do it. Also if you are in a money crisis then camps could be too expensive. And what if you just don’t like the camp? You are stuck there for a while. There are other situations that make camps and activities come in second place.

Finally in third place is hikes and walks. This is a very good activity if you want to stay active and you could add fun spins on it. You could walk with your friends and overall this is a good activity. But a lot of people would find this boring. Overall this is a good activity for adults but I think that the first two are better for kids.