Protectors Surrounding The Perimeters at DPS Schools


Denver Public Schools Security car parked in front of East High School this Winter

Charlotte Clarke, Author

Brave parents and security persons all around Denver are volunteering as security guards and mentors at the entrances and perimeters of McAuliffe International at all hours during the school day in order to make a statement on gun violence while protecting their kids, our peers and even just the school grounds. 

The 6th grade principal at McAuliffe International, Kurt Dennis states that he feels “Proud and happy about our decision and it adds comfort to our school’s halls.” 

Parents and guards, starting from April 13, started to stand and work at the front entrances and outside perimeters of McAuliffe International Middle School for protection reasons and making sure that nothing bad happens when protection is not around. 

McAuliffe admin members have also started wearing yellow vests during dismissal and arrival of the students to show and demonstrate that there are adults and safety persons protecting our school grounds. 

Outside during 6th grade house Challenger recess, I interviewed one of our security guards that walks the perimeter everyday to see what he thinks, and his personal opinion on all of this. 

One of the security guards who hangs around during 6th grade recess was walking the perimeter and introduced himself as Mr. Joseph to me as I was about to interview him about his job and position at McAuliffe from a current standpoint. He said that he was happy to be helping schools around Denver in this “rough patch” and hanging out with the middle-schoolers outside at recess. He said that although he gets some looks, he enjoys what he does.

Due to the recent gun violence and school shootings all across the Americas, DPS schools are taking action to protect their future that’s held in their hands, and placing sources of comfort and safety in the midst of daily routines to make sure their community is secured.