East High School Student Died

East High School Student Died

Jalayah Riley, Author



East High School student, Luis Gacia 16 years old was shot near East High School and South of City  Park around 2:30 pm Monday, Feb. 13. He died on Wednesday, March 1, 2023. When he was sent to the hospital, he was around all his friends & and family, trying his hardest to stay alive.


 When he played soccer his coach said he was a good teammate. When he died one of his teammates made and sold hundreds maybe thousands of bracelets that said “End Gun Violence of bracelets #11 Luis Garcia” to raise money for the Garcias Family.


They also have a GoFundMe to help with their family.


The impact of gun violence felt more natural for Thomas after the death of Luis Garcia, students are fearful. Thomas the teammate tried everything he could to help his family. When Luis died he died in a car but they don’t know if anyone else was in the car with him or why they did it. 


Two teens in a different car were taken into custody later that day. Neither of them charges specifically related to the shooting. A 17 years-old boy was held for investigation of illegal possession of a gun, a handgun to be exact.


Also, a 16 years-old boy is under investigation for auto theft and felony eluding. 


Police are saying both Denver Public Schools students but did not attend High School, East High School.