Stage Fright


Micah Rubinstein, author

“John!” my dad yelled.

“Yes, yes. I’m coming!” I responded.

It was time. Time for my performance at the school talent show, that is. I had signed up to do a basketball dunking competition during an intermission and I was hardly nervous. I had practiced my windmill dunk over and over again until I had it down.

I ran downstairs, grabbed my lucky, graffiti print basketball, and ran to the car. My dad drove a 2019 model Honda Civic. I opened the beat-up door and jumped in as my dad started to pull away.

It took us just over 20 minutes to get to my school, and when we got there, I could hear the applause as the first intermission started. We were late. I sprinted out of the car and ran around back just as I heard the first basketballs being dribbled. I ran in through the door and onto the stage right when my turn started.

I got the ball and started my routine dribble that I had practiced for months. Something felt off. I looked into the crowd and saw a skeleton, it’s bony body twisted in an unnatural way. It stared at me and suddenly I felt all of my bones twisting, my flesh shredding. I screamed. The skeleton was in the exact shape of how my own body was twisting. Everything went black.