The Western Conference Finals

The Western Conference Finals

Tiernan Duffy, Author

The Western Conference has so far shown what NBA teams still need or what they need to get rid of. The Conference finals has the 1-seed Nuggets vs the 7th-seed Lakers and whoever wins gets a trip to the finals.

Starting off with the 1-seeded Nuggets where they fought hard all season to keep the 1 seed and in the playoffs so far they have had an up-and-down playoff run. In their first series against the Timberwolves looked like the Nuggets were going to sweep the Wolves but Anthony Edwards almost single-handedly won game 4 and had the game-winning shot in game 5 but missed which sent the Wolves home. Moving on to the next series against the Suns where they would have to go against Kevin Durant and Devin Booker. The first game looked like it was going to be a tough series because no one could stop Durant, but because of a great performance by Jamal Murray, they managed to take game 1. The Nuggets took an early lead in the series going up 2-0 but then the Suns came back tying the series 2-2. But the Nuggets managed to finish the series 4-2. 

Next, the 7th-seeded Lakers have had a series where other players on the team had to step up and help. In their first series against the 2 seeded Grizzlies where everyone believed that the Grizzlies would win without having much trouble however because of some comments by Dillion Brooks on Memphis, they lost the series to Lebron, AD, and even D’Angelo Russell. However in the next series against the Warriors or Lebron vs Steph where the series showed that the Lakers didn’t have to use Lebron every play, and you needed a lot to stop Curry. However in the end the Lakers managed to pull out because some missed game-winning shots from Steph Curry.

After game 1 it looks like the Suns will have to do a lot better on guarding Nikola Jokic and but the Nuggets will have to expand the lead and not let the Lakers let the game get close again because the Nuggets only won by 6 points. However, this series will most likely be a very good series.