Escape rooms


Izabella Gonzalez, Author

When you need to do something fun or go out for a while with your friends, an escape room can solve those problems. Many people go to escape rooms with their friends when they want to have fun and when they want to have a challenge but in a fun way. Escape rooms are difficult depending on the level that you choose, but I personally think that the more difficult the level is, the more fun it is to solve. 

Escape rooms first started around the year 2007 by a man named Takao Kato who wanted to invent a place where you had to solve puzzles and riddles to escape a locked room. The best escape room place I have been to would be EscapeWorks Denver located in Downtown Denver. The options you have would be Blackbeard’s Rig with a success rate of 45.8% and an average escape time of 50 minutes. Then you have the Egyptian Tomb with a success rate of 34% and an average escape time of 45 minutes. Lastly, you have Casino Heist, which has a success rate of 29% and an average escape time of 50 minutes.

The Casino Heist is one of the hardest rooms to escape and is known for having to steal a diamond and money from the vault before the cops get there since your partner ratted you out to the police to steal the diamond for themselves. All of them are very hard to do, and if you are looking for some fun to have, then escape rooms are the way to go.