Elitch Gardens’ Best Rides

Luka Chaparro-Will, Author

On May 19th, 8th Grade McAuliffe students can go on a field trip to Elitch Gardens. The students buy the tickets, and when they arrive at Elitch Gardens, their teacher gives the tickets to them, and then they are free to do whatever they want. There are three must-see attractions for every 8th grader.

Twister II is an essential passtime. It’s a ride with a drop of 27 meters and a height of 30 meters. This roller coaster was based on Mr. Twister, an old Elitch Gardens rise before being moved in 1995. Its max speed is 88 KM/H. It’s a white and brown roller coaster that’s all wooden. Its G-Force is 3.1, so you will be flying on this one!

Another very popular roller coaster is named The Mind Eraser. This one is unique to others due to its hanging-styled seating. It has a drop of 27 meters, just like Twister II. When you strap in, the roller coaster track is above you, so your feet are dangling the entire ride. There are lots of upside-down twists and turns, so hold on tight!

Lastly, you should definitely check out the Sidewinder. This rollercoaster consists of a massive loop with a maximum 72 KM/H speed. This fun rollercoaster goes on a huge drop and through a circle, then rolls and makes the loop backward. This roller coaster is suggested for kids or people who have never made loops or are usually scared of them. Although you must climb 50 feet of stairs, it’s still a fantastic roller coaster!