Yellowstone and Will it Erupt

Yellowstone and Will it Erupt

Yannick Hispa, Author

Yellowstone, a supervolcano in Yellowstone National Park, is expected to erupt. Yellowstone is a supervolcano that is thousands of times more dangerous than a normal volcano. Super volcanoes have radiuses ranging from a few miles to 100 miles. Scientists have estimated that Yellowstone erupts every 600,000 to 800,000 years, and it has been more than 640,000 years since it last erupted. Therefore, scientists are forced to keep a very close watch on Yellowstone because if it were to erupt, it would be a catastrophe. 

If Yellowstone were to erupt, although the lava would cause serious damage to Wyoming and neighboring states, the real problem would be the ash. The ash from the volcano would be brought worldwide because of the wind. Consequently, it would not only be scorching hot but also contaminate crops and water worldwide on farms. Furthermore, since farms would be corrupted, they would go out of business, so there would be a significant jobs and food loss. The ash would have devastating effects on the environment and wildlife.

Scientists are unsure whether it will erupt again but are taking precautions. They are thinking about drilling into Yellowstone to prevent an eruption, but there are problems with this idea. Let alone how expensive it would be, but the chances of success would not be very high. It could also have devastating side effects on the environment around the drilling.

In the end, you should not be scared because the chances of Yellowstone erupting again are slim, and the events of it happening in your lifetime are near zero.