The Eastern Conference Finals

The Eastern Conference Finals

Tiernan Duffy, Author

The Eastern Conference this year has been one of the most exciting playoff conferences in a long time because of the amount of good series and Underdog stories.

The biggest upset of the entire playoff is easily the 1 seeded Bucks vs the 8th-seeded Heat. The Heat almost swept the Bucks thanks to an unstoppable Jimmy Butler who averaged 37.6 points, 6 rebounds, and 4.8 assists per game against the Bucks. Jimmy Butler made the game-tying shot over two defenders to send game 5 into overtime where they eventually won it. The next series against the Knicks who came out of a tough series against the Cavaliers was close at the start because the series was 1-1 but that was only because both Jimmy Butler and Tyler Herro were out with injuries and when Jimmy came back they didn’t lose another game for the rest of the series. The team that they are going against, the Celtics will be a tough match-up because unlike the past few series the Celtics have multiple offensive threats with very good defense so it will definitely be the hardest match-up so far with the heat.

Going on to the Celtics, they had a big matchup against the 76ers with the MVP Joel Embiid. The Celtics were expected to sweep the 7th-seed Hawks however the Hawks surprised the world when they took 2 games against one of the favorites for winning the championship, however, they did close the series out and moved on to the next round. But just like the past few years, they went up against the 76ers who had a better team with James Harden and Tyrese Maxey. However for the first game, Joel Embiid was injured so everyone expected the Celtics to take game 1 and have an upper hand in the series, but James Harden played back like how he played in Houston with 45 points and the 76ers took game 1. In game 2 even though Joel Embiid came back they couldn’t stop the Celtics who took game 2. Then the games went back and forth until Game 7 where the Celtics went on a run and blew out the Sixers in the second half and won the series.

However Both the teams will have to go on to a very hard series like who will stop Jimmy Butler and how will the Heat stop the Celtics from going on runs that would win the game for them.