Elementary Schools Still Teach Handwriting


Tre McNeal, Author

Should elementary schools still teach handwriting?

Although handwriting is important for teachers to understand your sentences, I think that your handwriting can improve over time as you write instead of practicing it, practicing handwriting can waste time at school learning or taking a break. Over the years, my handwriting has improved by getting used to the words I write like my name, this and that, etc. Handwriting books should help practice cursive other than common letters we all have in our memory, cursive can help improve your first impressions when writing about a topic.

As we write in school every hour of the day, our brain helps us remember the form of how we write certain things to be readable for our teachers. Handwriting can be either naturally good or sloppy, which does support how you should practice handwriting even though as you advance to another grade, your writing skills advance to another level.

Overall, cursive writing is a good step in practicing your handwriting, but memory helps more than a book which you do not need to spend any time more than 10 minutes on.