“A Man Called Otto” Will Leave You In Tears


“A Man Called Otto” was a great movie. It left and will leave most people in tears, happy and sad ones. If you like comedy and sad/drama movies, you’ll definitely want to watch this.

This movie is about Otto Anderson, a 63-year-old man, living in a townhouse neighborhood in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. His life was pretty depressing and boring until a young friendly family moved in nearby and changed his life around. He also meets a cat who in his eyes is annoying but soon they gain a heartwarming connection. This movie has a lot to it and one of the things is very sad and it leaves Otto making bad choices but I won’t say because they are spoilers. But he makes these choices or another thing you could call attempts, because of his past. 

There were so many great actors in this movie. Tom Hanks. He was amazing. He starred as Otto and he did an awesome job, I couldn’t ask for better. Next is Mariana Trivino who plays the mom of the family that moved in such as Marisol. She also did a great job and when she and Otto would interact it was very funny. Then there’s Manual Garcia-Rulfo who played Marisol’s husband Tommy. He gave you a good laugh and he made the movie even better. Those are mainly the most popular characters but here are some more. Truman Hanks who plays young Otto and did a good job. Rachel Keller plays Sonya and she did pretty well. Cameron Britton plays Jimmy who is one of Otto’s neighbors and he played well and was funny. Lastly, Mack Bayda who plays Malcolm was good and his character also brought out the good in Otto.

There were so many funny scenes in this movie but also some sad scenes. One of my favorite scenes is when Marisol and her family first arrive in the neighborhood and they are trying to park outside their house. Tommy first tried and then Marisol and they both couldn’t do it so then Otto did it for them. It doesn’t sound very funny when you read it but when you watch it I guarantee you’ll at least smile. There wasn’t really anything I didn’t like about this movie because the plot and acting were so good. So overall, I can only say good things about this movie.

A lesson that can be learned from this movie is that even though bad things happen in your past and you can feel lonely and hopeless, good things can still come along. How this is portrayed in this movie is when Otto loses a loved one in the past he feels so numb and hurt that he wants to end things for himself. But then, that family came along. And they made him feel so much better and they changed his perspective of life. I think this is a great life lesson that can be learned and this won’t only help me but others too. 

If you’re wondering if you’ll like this movie, here’s what I have to say. Anyone who loves Tom Hanks and his movies will obviously like this movie and the same with people who like comedies and dramas. For people who don’t feel comfortable with things that have to do with suicide then I wouldn’t recommend this movie to you. This movie is rated PG-13. As I’ve already said, I loved this movie and I for sure think you should try watching it!

I rate this movie 5/5 stars. You WILL NOT regret watching “A Man Called Otto”!