The Joy of the Season


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Sophia Zafra, Writer

I felt the wetness of snow on my face. It was snowing, finally. Winter was here! I would always love the feeling of winter. On Christmas Eve my mom would always bake cinnamon cookies with caramel. We would always have waffles for breakfast on Christmas, and afterwards open presents. My boots made a clomp clomp sound, as I walked in the snow. My friend, Sarah, was meeting me at the top of Cherrybogh Hill. We made plans to go sledding at noon. I could see icicles hanging on top of the sides of a grey house. The winter season always brought a feeling of joy in the air. In the distance, I could see a warm glow from a lamp post. I dragged the sled behind me, as I walked up the slope of Cherrybogh Hill. Once I got to the top, Sarah ran up to me, and picked up one side of the sled. 

“Hi Olivia! ,” the snow started falling even harder. 

“Hi Sarah! We should probably get sledding before the snow starts falling too hard.”

Sarah suddenly had a burst of speed. We both ran to the center of the hill. We positioned the sled so it was about to tumble down the hill. I sat in the front and Sarah sat behind me, holding on tightly. We both pushed off, and we slid down the hill. I could feel the wind slapping my face, but in a good way. When the sled abruptly stopped next to a wide tree, our hair looked like we were both just hit by a tornado. We both burst out laughing. Best day ever! We slid down the hill four more times, but then the snow started getting too thick. We agreed to head to my house, so we picked up the sled, and started walking. On the way, we started chattering about what we were going to do for Christmas. Sarah was going to go caroling, and I would bake a chocolate cake for my family. It sounded like the perfect day. Once we came to my house, my mom made us hot chocolate. We were sipping our drinks and listening to Christmas music. 

“Deck the halls with boughs of holly…’Tis the season to be jolly,” I closed my eyes, and let all the warmness that I was feeling soak in. I was interrupted by my mom, who lightly tapped my shoulder. She showed me her phone. My eyes widened…