Tik-Tokers Attempt at a President Running Campaign

Brent Peterson, a TikTok influencer is said to be running for president. August 28, 2022, was his first hit video in which he tells his viewers to vote for him during his presidential race. His videos consist of him stitching random TikToks, and popping up at random times to tell his viewers, “Vote for me president of the United States, I am Brent Peterson.” He has amassed a huge following and averages more than 1 million views per video, and he has practically become an internet meme. If you say his catchphrase, stated above, people will immediately recognize it.

People are skeptical as to whether or not he is actually going to run, much less win. Brent Peterson has no experience in economics, presidential codes, or law at all, yet he still runs for President of the United States, that’s why a lot of people are hesitant to acknowledge him as an actual candidate. He is running in 2024 and will be a staple in the TikTok community as the first creator on TikTok to run for president.

Even though people say they will vote for him, they probably won’t due to his lack of experience and maturity. They are probably saying this in a joking manner because voting is a valuable right that a lot of people cherish

All of the voters also believe his race and his candidacy are satire as well, including how he is a very old-looking man with a Santa beard and hair. He often takes his tiktoks on a seemingly gross and old couch. The comment section on his posts either presents the commenters Idolizing him in a satirical and joking way stating “I LOVE BRENT PETERSON!”

People still think and believe that The brentpeterson2024 tik tok account is entirely satire and was made a fool of the entire time.