NBA Finalist Predictions


Siah Dennis-Smith, Writer

Who will be the NBA finalist? The NBA playoffs have begun and everybody is wondering.

Well, there is no way to predict who will win it could be anybody but there are fan favorites to win the finals. According to a simple and easy Google search ¨After an impressive 118-102 victory the Denver Nuggets are fan favorites to bring back the Larry O´Brien Trophy.¨ Now the Denver Nuggets may be fan favorites still doesn’t mean they have the best odds.

Well, who has the best odds? According to WSN (World Sports Network), these are the odds:


#6: Denver Nuggets         +300 odds


#5: Philadelphia 76ers      +340 odds


#4: Boston Celtics            +400 odds


#3: Los Angeles Lakers    +425 odds


#2: Golden State Warriors    +950 odds


#1: Phoenix Suns      +1200 odds


(Infromation Date 5/11/23)


Who do you think will win the NBA finals? Will the Denver Nuggets take it all the way? Who do you think will win the NBA finals?