Tennis Star Disqualified

Tennis Star Disqualified

Noble Barowsky, Writer

Novak Djokovic the 33 year-old tennis star accidentally hit a lineswoman in the throat with a tennis ball because he was frustrated after he lost a point to a Spanish tennis player named Pablo Carreno Busta at the US Open on September 6, 2020.

  After he hit her she fell to the ground. He ran towards her to see if she was okay. After the game, he tweeted “This whole situation has left me sad and empty. I’m extremely sorry to have caused her such stress So unintended so wrong.”

His quest of reaching for his fourth US Open title came to an end after this terrible accident. She grabbed her throat which got her off balance and she fell to the ground once she was lying there the medics came running in to check on her.

The US open judges determined she couldn’t return to the match and neither could Djokovic. The number 1 top-seeded player thrown out of the tournament he shook Busta’s hand and left quickly without speaking to anyone or with anyone.

A few days later he tweeted “I accept this disqualification. I will never do such a thing again.”