Immigrants: Pros And Cons


Alejandro Olmedo, Author

All of a sudden immigrants from other countries (South and Central America and Mexico immigrants) have started coming into the US in huge amounts, from ports, daily looking for money and education. These immigrants come from these countries, which are rather bad or poor, and need to get away from them to have a better life. 

Immigration has good effects on us. First off, some people in the US are unemployed, which means we have fewer people working. But, these immigrants don’t care what they do, how much they work, and how much money they earn. These immigrants are just trying to scrape along and won’t ask for much. Another good thing about these immigrants is that they are significant contributions to the U.S. economy. In addition to ensuring that essential services continue to be provided across the country, undocumented immigrants are also consumers who power up our national and local economies. Lastly, they are mostly harmless and friendly. They are just looking for a better life and don’t mean to get in your way. They are people just like you.

On the other hand, there are bad parts of immigration, of course. First, they raise taxes and take jobs from us. They can make it so all of us are paying more, making us unhappy. Also, they clog up transportation and make it so traffic moves slower, since more cars will then be on the road. Additionally, most are legal (77%), but that means that the ones, which are not, are not working for their rights or education. Lastly, they can be harmful and some are in drug cartels, which are harmful and bad. 

Overall, immigrants are good for us and bad for us, but they are people just like us. We aren’t perfect either. No matter how you feel about immigration you should take into account that if you were desperate and hopeless, you would do the same. We all can make a difference in these people’s lives.