Put an End To Gun Violence


Charlotte Clarke, Author

There have been several accounts of school shootings nationwide across all school boards and this is a problem that is just waiting to worsen over time. Many school shootings have occurred throughout this past year, injuring many students and the hearts of their peers.

The quote posted above exactly demonstrates what’s happening in our day in age. Getting guns is easier for countries than getting hold of books for our children and our students and our nation. Gun violence is the reason our country could fall to pieces in the next few years.

Schools should be safe and enjoyable environments especially in this day in age, but that is not the outcome of recent behaviors. Children from ages 5 – 18 are going to school scared of what might happen at school that day or that

week to come. The education of our future is being disrupted by the armed and the guns. 

People living in our country, our cities, our communities and even on our streets could be possible threats to gun violence in schools and other large nations.  Just recently, three nine – year old students were killed along with three staff members at a Covenant School in Nashville Tennessee on Mar 27, 2023 based solely on the fact that gun violence was pointed towards schools. 

As of now, government officials and people of higher power in our country are trying to handle and set new laws on gun protectors and the dangers that might come within newer school years. 

The difficulty of trying to find better ways to be safe in schools is real and a serious problem that could affect the lives of many children and their families. 

People around the US have stated that there are more important problems that need to be covered and have more priority than gun violence but others disagree. The opposite side to this argument contains the opinion that our future and the destiny of our children is held in the hands of their education and their rise in childhood. Gun violence is deeply harming the greater outcome of that future. 

Overall, gun violence needs to stop immediately. No matter what happens next, the end to gun violence needs to be the priority of our country at this moment. Our future is at our feet and if we don’t want our country to be broken and full of violence, we need to do something right now. 

Gun Violence is impacting our education, our children and our overall nation.