The Death Ridge

The Death Ridge

Charlie Hubbard, Journalist

Lately, the U.S. has been getting severe weather, with tornadoes and severe weather warnings on May 10, 2023. The Death Ridge right now is when high pressure from the NW area developed much bigger than people expected, then the low pressure from the SW – S comes in the middle causing severe weather and possibly severe damage.

So far, May 11, 2023, has been going with a lot of weather in Colorado, Kansas, and Wyoming. On May 10, 2023, there were about four confirmed tornadoes on the ground, a tornado in Indiana was a deadly tornado with three confirmed deaths, and about EF-3 damage.

This process could go on for weeks but we still don’t know. There is rain across the U.S. because of The Death Ridge. According to, “Record-setting heat wave looms for Pacific Northwest, Western Canada. These record highs are most likely because of Death Ridge and possibly the weather.” USA Today is saying that these highs are dangerous highs. Part of May will have to go through this, and the weather has been severe. In Denver, Colorado, according to news stations and weather apps, the Denver Metro Area and more parts of Colorado will be getting rain,  and the majority of May will be having rain. A tornado outbreak had started from The Death Ridge, with 145 confirmed tornadoes with the worst so far being a EF-4,

If you are interested into weather you can go to to see the weather/radar.