What to See in Chicago


Jack Oberdzinski, Author

Chicago is a City in the midwest of the United States. This city has a lot of sightseeing. Chicago has just about everything you would want if you were traveling. Some of the fun things to do are going to The Sears Towers, which is the second tallest building in the U.S., going to the Shedd Aquarium, (which some people think is one of the best in the world), and Much, much more.

Chicago was founded in 1837 and almost burned down in 1871, but they have rebuilt Chicago since then. Chicago is a very large city with many people moving daily and all these people make its GDP very high. Chicago’s architecture is very amazing to look at, having many buildings standing hundreds of feet tall. Chicago has a lot of variety when it comes to food. There is a ton of street food but also a ton of restaurants ranging from fast food to very expensive and fancy. Not only does Chicago have lots of structures and buildings, they have a few beaches on Lake Michigan.

Chicago is one of the most famous and populous cities in the U.S. They have many hotels for people to stay in and have a fun time. Overall, Chicago isn’t the best place for everyone but many people will want to go there.