The Denver Nuggets Against the L.A. Lakers


Tiernan Duffy, Writer

(Editor’s Note – Please add some dates to this article. I know what you’re trying to say, but it flips from past tense to future tense, so dates would really help! I love your fun facts!)

The Denver Nuggets are going up against the Lakers and the series is 1-2 the Lakers. The Denver Nuggets last series came back 3-1 against the L.A. Clippers. The L.A. The Lakers have the superstar team which is giving the Denver Nuggets some trouble on the defense. They played on Thursday Sep. 24. 

The Denver Nuggets won the third game by staying with the lead and not letting the other team go on a run which they did on the first 2 games. If The Denver Nuggets win this game it will be tied and a great comeback. The Lakers are going to try to win the next game so they can have a good lead by going up 3-1. If the Lakers will not let the Denver Nuggets get a lead then maybe they might win it.

A couple of fun facts about the 2 teams are that the Lakers were never original from L.A. they were from Minneapolis and the name was not always the Denver Nuggets it used to be the Denver Larks.