Europe’s Last Dictator

Europe’s Last Dictator

Rowen Vincent, Writer

President Alexander Luckashenko of Belarus has been under great scrutiny by his people in this last month for allegedly rigging the recent election in his favor, and now faces hundreds of thousands of protestors. 

Luckashenko is said to have rigged the election in his favor, claiming 80% of the vote. Belarus is a medium-sized nation in eastern Europe, and has been deemed several times, “Europe’s last dictatorship.” Formerly a part of the Soviet Union, Belarus was declared independent when the dictatorship of the Soviet Union collapsed, but they still had a brutal dictator and continued the practice of communism. The opposition leader in the election and organizer of the protests, Svetlana Tikhanovskaya, said in an interview that “I am ready to step in and lead my country in a time of need. We want a new country,” she said, “Where we will free political prisoners, change the constitution and then hold new, free elections.”

Luckashenko requested help from his ally Vladimir Putin, president of Russia. Putin says that Luckashenko asked him to set up a reserve police force to help with the protests, and that he has done so. “However,” Putin said, “We also agreed that it would not be used until the situation got out of control.” he told Rossiya 1TV.

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