How “The Line” Will Revolutionize Modern Living

Exterior of The Line

Exterior of The Line

Rowen Vincent, Writer/Editor

The world was amazed when Saudi Arabia announced the construction of “The Line” on January 10 of 2021. Not only will this futuristic, artistic masterpiece be the world’s first completely carbon-neutral city, but it will also forever change the way cities are constructed and managed. 

Named accordingly, The Line will be built as a long, thin, rectangular building in the middle of the Saudi Arabian desert. It is part of the NEOM Project, (meaning “new future”), which aims to tackle the world’s most pressing issues, namely climate change, and move the world to a more sustainable lifestyle. Based in Saudi Arabia and funded by their Royal Family, this project will allow residents from all over the world to enjoy state-of-the-art health care, education, and recreational activities all easily accessible via bullet train or within a five-minute walk. According to the CEO of NEOM, the point of the Line is to seamlessly blend urban vertical living with nature. And not only will nature be incorporated throughout The Line, but more than 95% of the local wildlife and environment will be preserved during construction. By prioritizing nature and the environment, the general mental and physical health of the public will benefit, creating a happier populace. 

In addition to keeping the people happy, The Line will aim to be a perfect model of efficiency in city functions. Public transportation, first responders, and maintenance crews are never more than 3 minutes away from any resident. Despite this, there are no streets, no cars, and no carbon emissions. Everything will be transported by foot and bullet train. And as for location, this utopia-seeming metropolis is being built strategically in northwest Saudi Arabia, with access to the Suez Canal, Red Sea, and Gulf of Aqaba, meaning residents will have access to cheap imported supplies from all across the world. Skiing resorts and white sand beaches are both under an hour away and due to Saudi Arabia being so central in the world’s geography, 40% of the world is under 6 hours away by plane. And the temperate, year-round climate makes keeps the city at the perfect temperature all the time. 

But the coolest part of The Line could be a scientific feat like no other, and open up new business opportunities the world has never seen before. Although it could cost hundreds of billions of dollars, the plan is to make it gravity-free. Living with no gravity could be hard to adjust to, but would also eliminate a lot of expensive equipment and spaces like elevators and stairs. 

Even if NEOM and The Line require an outrageous amount of funding, this style of living could literally change the world. Projects like this remind us that the future is quickly approaching, and the world needs to move with it.