Antarctica Ice Sheet Will melt Even Paris Goals Are Met


Kai Hetherington, Writer

As a result of climate change, ice in Antarctica will melt within the next century causing the oceans to rise and devastating coastal cities around the world with catastrophic flooding. It took 34 million years for Antarctica to form, but the next generation might be the ones to see it melt. It is expected that with only a 2C rise in temperature, the oceans will rise approximately 8 feet, wiping nations off the map. However, if the temperature were to rise 4C, which is possible, sea level would rise by a little more than 20 feet causing even greater devastation. 

Antarctica’s ice is gigantic and is roughly the size of North America. If temperatures were to rise by 2C, ice in Antarctica may never regrow, according to a paper published in the journal Nature. Even if we keep the Paris agreement, disastrous flooding is almost certain but there will be horrendous effects if we do not keep the Paris agreement. Humanity has the opportunity to give the world hope if we all work together. 

If we wait, then the world as we know it may look drastically different within a short amount of time. If we fail in making changes soon then the effects of global warming may become irreversible. So, if we want to make even a small difference in our future then we will have to fight global warming immediately. If not, many people will lose their homes, and quite possibly their lives. With that said, there is still hope if we do the right thing.