NFL Opening Week During Coronavirus Pandemic


Addie Newton, Writer

The Coronavirus brings change throughout the opening week of the National Football League (NFL), things have been chaotic since the start of the season but the teams are starting to manage.


 Sixty-six NFL players have decided to opt-out of the 2020 season because of the Coronavirus pandemic, although the players that decided to opt-out are still getting paid. Most of the players are taking their families into consideration and are willing to give up a chance at the Super Bowl and much more to make sure they don’t bring home any sickness and they want to keep their families safe. The deadline to opt-out has already passed.


The NFL has made a lot of changes to ensure that the players are safe and healthy, some of the changes include redesigning shared spaces to enforce social distancing, making sure to clean and disinfect, and daily COVID 19 testing. The NFL also won’t let cheerleaders, reporters, and mascots on the field, only essential people and players are allowed on the field and everyone on the sidelines must wear a mask. 


As of right now, the NFL isn’t allowing fans into the stadium to watch the games, but they are piping in fan noises. They might start letting people in but they are going to limit the number of people that come in and everyone will have to wear a mask and social distance.