The Truth About Lying


Emma Heinke, Author

We all wonder sometimes. Shower thoughts, what will go wrong in your life, what will go well in your life, who am I, what should I do, or why did they lie about that? We try to figure all of that out by ourselves in our beds staring at the ceiling, right? Well, going back to the question about why they lie, people lie about stupid, pointless, little things that do not matter and huge things that matter so much in life, this event could result in big consequences. So the big question is why, why do people lie about these things? Well, there are many answers to this question, and depending on who you are as a person, your answers to this question will vary. 

Starting off with the basics…or not, people lie because of either low self-esteem, or to protect themselves or others from punishment, some disorders can cause obsessive lying, and people who lie quite frequently or all the time feel the need to be in control 24/7. Although we all feel guilty for lying and most of the time deny that we just got caught in a lie, we all lie at least 1-2 times a day, sometimes not even knowing we are telling those lies. Lying may not always be a bad thing, you may need to tell a little white lie to get yourself out of a dangerous situation, however, most of the time it is good to just come clean and tell the truth right away. 

To elaborate on the reasons people lie, they lie because of low self-esteem to make themselves feel better, almost like bullying! They may also want to impress others, please, or tell others what they want to hear, not the truth. Teens may lie to gain social conformation. Now, lying to protect yourself or others may not be the worst thing in the world because it may help you get yourself out of a bad, unsafe situation but they also may do it to save themselves from embarrassment, to hide an awkward situation, or to have others think better of the person telling the lie. If you have a disorder that is pretty self-explanatory, because you can not control what you are saying and you may not think before you speak, you can’t control it. Finally, if you lie to have the satisfaction of being in control all the time, you may just not agree with the situation so you lie to have that control. People also worry that if the truth comes out they won’t be respected anymore.

It may be difficult lying to people or being stuck in the middle of someone lying to someone else, so unless it is for a good cause or to get yourself out of a bad situation, try to avoid lying as much as you can. If you hear someone lying to you or others, it is best to just confront them and get the truth out of them. Better for everyone that way!