8th Grade Summer 2023

8th Grade Summer 2023

Cassidee Carlson, Author

     Summer is almost here, so get out your sunscreen and suitcase! This year, the official start of summer is Wednesday, June 21, however as most 8th graders know, the end of school is on Wednesday, May 24th. This school year feels like it has flown by, and it is so exciting that summer will be here in less than a month.

     This summer will be extra special for the 8th graders, as it will be our final summer before high school. We need to make this summer special because high school brings freedom, but it also comes with a lot more responsibilities. For 8th graders, this is like our last summer to have fun like a kid before we have to start thinking about our futures, what we want to be when we grow up, and our lives in general.

     I believe this summer will be the best one yet, and that everyone should try to have fun, be ambitious, and do things that they usually wouldn’t do. Take risks this summer, have fun, and go into high school with an open mind so you can enjoy it.

     I hope all of you have an amazing summer, and cherish your last few weeks of school.