COVID-19 Survival Tips

COVID-19 Survival Tips

Liam Gamache and Liam Gamache

Covid-19 has been ravaging the world since January of last year, and for many people it is still just as confusing as ever, so here are 3 survival tips to help you get through these trying times. 


The first tip for surviving the Coronavirus Pandemic is to always carry your own bottle of hand sanitizer with you when you go  out in public. This tip may sound simple, but it is one of the most crucial tips for staying healthy.This way you never have to risk getting Covid from touching objects around you such as hand railings, doors and goods that other people may have touched before you. That being said, you have to use the hand sanitizer very frequently and liberally for this tip to work. Also, even if you are using your hand sanitizer after every touch, you should still avoid touching things if possible, as it lowers the risk of other people catching Covid because of you.To optimize this tip, make sure that you are spreading the hand sanitizer thoroughly throughout your hand, as though you are washing your hands after using the restroom.

The second tip for staying safe during Covid is to make sure that, assuming you are wearing a mask (which I hope we all know at this point) ,is to get into the habit of coughing and sneezing forward.This can be very counterintuitive for most people, and instinctively they tilt their head away from the person they are facing to cough. Although you should definitely be turning your head away and covering with your elbow in normal times, with a mask this is a bad idea! The mask is designed to block particles from going through the front of your mask, but in order for you to be able to breathe, there is still space between your cheeks and the mask and your chin and the mask. This means if you tilt your head to any side to cough, the particles will go through the side slits in your mask and get all over whoever is near you. Alternatively, if you cough forward “onto” the person in front of you, the particles will only be able to go through the side slits in the mask and will not come in contact with the person.


And finally, we all know that at some point we have to go out in the real world for exercise, to get groceries and just so we don’t go completely crazy. That being said, there is one thing you can do while out in the world to stay safe, and that is to stay outside as much as possible. Atmospheric chemist Kimberely Prather has this to say on the matter. “The risk is definitely lower outdoors. The primary reason is there’s just such a large volume of clean air.” So, if you’re going to eat out try to get a patio table seat as much as possible. If you’re exercising, I urge you to avoid gyms and stay outside by jogging, biking or doing a workout in the park. 

  All in all, I hope you can take this advice to heart and use it to protect yourself and the people around you during the pandemic.