Three Instruments You May Not Know

Three Instruments You May Not Know

Ali Thornburg, Author

 Violin, piano, drums, and guitars are some of the most recognizable instruments that you all probably know about, but what about the other not-well-known ones? Have you heard any of these instruments in the music you listen to? 

  1. Viola

A viola is an instrument slightly bigger than a violin, but its pitch can range from the highest note on a cello to the second-highest note on a violin. It mainly plays with cellos and bases and can be accompanied by violins if there are not enough violas to make enough sound in an orchestra. Beginner violas can range from $700-$1,500, intermediate violas are $1,500-$5,000, and advanced violas are up to $5,000-$10,000.

  1. French Horn

A French horn is a wind instrument that is one of the “endangered” instruments. Its pitch is quite low, going around the pitch of a cello. Players are in high demand in bands and orchestras, and they usually don’t teach French horn at schools! They normally cost from $1,200 to $3,500.

  1. Accordion

You probably know what an accordion is, but do you know all the cool things it can do? For example, it can play many chords with a press of a button. It also has a piano style on one side and buttons on another, which can make it play a song all by itself! They cost around $500-$600.

So did you learn something new from this article? Let me know what instruments you play; I would love to know!