Shootings at East High School In 2023

Shootings at East High School In 2023

Charlie Hubbard and Will Tucker

So far, in 2023, Denver, CO, East High School has had three shootings in total. Five shots have been fired out of the three shootings. Two of the shootings have had students shot and the other had two deans and three students shot. Only one person has died as we know now. We also know the Friday before spring break for DPS, was mental health day, caused by the shootings at East.

According to many news stations, two deans were shot on March 22nd, 2023 around 11:30 AM. The deans are both at a local hospital, one is now at home with a brace and the other is at home but is taking trips every other day to the hospital and was able to talk with investigators. The shooter who had shot the two deans had gone to a forest near Boulder, CO, and had committed suicide by shooting himself. This shooting was very serious and should not be caught as a joke, this is a very serious topic.

There was a shooting close to the east where a student was shot in their car, if you want to read more on this shooting go to The Shooting of Luis Garcia, By Will Tucker. There is more info on the shooting there if you want to read what happened to the student.

We don’t know about another shooting that happened earlier this year, but, DPS hasn’t put back campus officers, if campus officers are back the shootings might stop a bit. Many parents that have their kids go to a DPS school are mad at DPS because of the shootings and many parents are mad cause DPS not doing much about it.

The shooters of all three of the shootings have been identified and were arrested as one of the shooters killed himself on a mountain near his car in Park County. All of the schools in Colorado as well as Denver are taking new safety precautions.