Raising Money Along With Spirits


On the right, an unknown male on the East Angels soccer team. On the left, Luis Garcia practicing at East High School in Denver for soccer.

Charlotte Clarke, Author

The East Angels soccer team has already raised over $150,000 as of March 20th, for their classmate and friend who was brutally shot in February, right outside of his school, his peers were devastated after he was suffering in critical condition until last Monday, March 13th, when he passed.

Members of the East High School soccer team were devastated and distraught when they found out that their peer had passed, and immediately took action.

A few weeks before his passing, the East Angels High School Soccer team started a GoFundme account, raising thousands of dollars in Luis Garcia’s name. This account was meant for covering hospital bills but is now used as a sign of protest and a reason to stop gun violence. 

Gun violence has spiked throughout schools in America and the way we have to sit in school every day with the constant worry of danger is not healthy. Kids from ages in kindergarten to ages of kids in their senior years in high school have to constantly worry and sit thinking about what might happen to them or their school on a random occasion. School should be one of the safest places for a growing child to be and for right now, that safety level is decreasing.

Just the fact that a boy, known as Luis Garcia passed due to gun violence and unsafe behavior on campus makes stomachs churn in fear.

Luis Garcia was sitting in his car outside of East High School, simply getting ready to go home for the day when he was shot in the head through his car window. He was shot on Monday, February 13th,  near East 17th Avenue and City Park Esplanade “by some crazy teenagers just driving by”, said Santos Garcia, Luis’s brother.

Luis Garcia passed away, surrounded by family and friends in his nearby hospital. (unknown) 

The GoFundme account made by the soccer team that Luis participated in has already raised over $200,00 and as of April 11th, they have raised $211,820  with the biggest donation of $1,830 and thousands of people using just $5 to donate towards the heavy important end to gun violence.

Luis Garcia’s GoFundme is linked here.