The Detroit Lions’ Improvement


Jack Oberdzinski, Author

The Lions 22-23 Season

The Detroit Lions had a pretty terrible start to the 22-23 season, going 1-6. They won only one game throughout the first eight weeks. However, during the next ten weeks, the Lions went 8-2. Therefore, they ended with a winning season of 9-8, which shows their improvement. At home, the Lions were 5-4, and their streak was 4-4 away. The Detroit Lions’ injuries may have contributed to their bad start. In 2022, they were the 6th most injured NFL team, but they started playing better when their best players finally healed.

Are they Finally Getting Better?

Many people expect the Lions to be much better in the coming 23-24 season because they quickly improved during the 22-23 season where they barely missed the NFL playoffs. The Lions beat the Green Bay Packers, but the Seattle Seahawks defeated the L.A. Rams. Therefore, the Detroit Lions did not have a good enough record to make the playoffs. Regardless, the Lions finished the 22-23 season well. They could also have an improved 23-24 season and easily make the playoffs.

Sports experts also expect the Lions to have a better-than-usual season because they made a well-advised trade with the L.A. Rams. The Lions traded Matthew Stafford to the L.A. Rams in exchange for the 6th pick in the 2023 NFL Draft. This accompanies their own opportunity for a new player, soon welcoming two new 1st round players onto their team. With the right players, the Detroit Lions could improve by offense or defense, depending on who they pick. So, who knows what is going to happen this season?