Mikaela Shiffrin

Mikaela Shiffrin

Audrey Spohn, Author

Mikaela Shiffrin was born on March 13, 1995, and grew up in Vail, Colorado. Her whole family skied, so she started at skiing at age 2, learning in her family’s driveway. Her brother Skies for his college, the University of Denver. Her mother and father both worked in the medical field and helped her maintain her health while skiing. Unfortunately, her father died on Feb. 2, 2020, as he fell from the roof of the family’s house. Mikaela took a big break from skiing due to this incident. Once she was back, her mother continued coaching her and still coaches her to this day. 

Mikaela is a very successful skier and has the most world cup wins of any Alpine skier ever, as she has 14 World Cup victories. Additionally, she has won gold at the Olympics twice. She also has a contract with Adidas and likes to promote the brand. 

Despite all of her successes, she has also had many injuries. In 2014, when training for the world cup, she crashed, which resulted in an MCL tear and bone bruising. She also has numerous back problems, from a fall that she took when she was very young. Both times she had a successful recovery and was able to return to skiing. 

Mikaela Shiffrin is married to Aleksander Kilde and got married in secret in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. After the wedding, Mikeala announced that she was moving to Norway to be closer to her husband, who is Norwegian. Mikaela is currently still skiing and winning many new awards, like her most recent one, winning a giant slalom at the World Cup Finals, breaking records.