Countries The U.S. Government Warns Not To Travel To Right Now


Juliette Eckle, Author

About 20 countries have been classified as level 4: ‘Do not travel’ advisory since March 20th, 2023. In level 4 areas in the U.S. government that may have little to no power regarding Americans’ safety. There is an increased risk when traveling to these places and there is a chance you won’t be protected. 

The upcoming fear stems from a recent incident when four Americans were kidnapped when traveling to Mexico. There were two survivors and the bodies of the two other victims were discovered in the Mexican state of Tamaulipas. The U.S. government has made the state a Level 4, but this does not apply to all parts of Mexico, only some states have been said to have increased crime rates. 

Since February 13th, certain things on the list have been updated but here are some of the following countries that are level 4. 

  1. Afghanistan 

  The Central Asian country has been struggling with “armed conflict, civil unrest, and crime, terrorism, and kidnapping”, according to the State Department Citizens of the U.S. have been assumed to be more at risk for violence. In 2022 the country’s government initiated public floggings and execution, and women’s rights went away as well when under Taliban authority. The U.S. Embassy in Kabul made an abrupt stop to operations in August 2021. 

      2. Belarus

Belarus has been flagged for  “arbitrary enforcement of laws, the risk of detention, the Russian military attack on neighboring Ukraine, and the buildup of Russian military in Belarus along the border with Ukraine.” quoted from U.S News.  

      3. Haiti

The main concerns in Haiti are kidnapping, and civil unrest. The country has also had numerous natural disasters that impact the economy and contribute to chronic poverty. Months ago, the county’s Prime Minister asked forces to help combat the ongoing gang violence. They also suggested any U.S citizens depart from Haiti given the certain circumstance.

      4. Iran 

Wrongful detentions and kidnapping are both prominent risk factors to any traveler not just U.S. citizens although they are specifically at risk for “arbitrary arrest and detention”. U.S.-Iranian  nationals have been arrested on different charges for simple acts like journalism. 

      5. Russia

The travel advisory for Russian cities is because of their current invasion of Ukraine, and the harassment of U.S civilians from Russian government officials are just some of the reasons for being classified as a level 4. 

      6. North Korea

U.S. passports are not valid in North Korea to go in or through. This country has been the home of long-lasting dictatorships and will most likely have an advisory of a ‘do not travel’ for a while. 

      7. South Sudan 

Multiple journalists who work with the state-run South Sudan Broadcasting Corporation are imprisoned because of footage of President Salva Kiir. Crime, kidnapping, and armed conflict is something to look out for. Weapons are available, and travelers have been victims of sexual assault and armed robbery.