Colorado Wild Fires

Colorado Wild Fires

Riley Nanista, Writer

Colorado wildfires

This week thousands and thousands of acres of Colorado are on fire. The four major wildfires continue burning. The firefighters did have some help the weekend of Labor Day 2020. Chilly weather and some slight snow somewhat calmed the fires.  


Pine Gulch, Grizzly Creek, Cameron Peak, and Williams Fork fires all seem to be holding steady. 


Pine Gulch fire has destroyed over 139,000 acres. By far, this has been the largest wildfire in Colorado history. The good news is that it is 79% contained. 


The Grizzly Creek fire is not nearly half as big as the Pine Gulch fire. Although the Grizzly Creek fire is much smaller, it is way harder to attack. There have been a couple breaking points on the southern side of the fire that the firefighters are monitoring constantly. Grizzly creek is 73% contained for now.


Cameron Peak is one of the smaller fires. Because of that the firefighters have not worried so much about it. Although it is small, it is 0% contained. “Right now we are focusing on Pine Gulch fire as it seems to be growing bigger every day,” says John West, one of Colorado’s firefighters. 


Williams Fork Fire is the smallest fire so far. It covers around 19 square miles so far. Even though it is the smallest fire it is only 10% contained at this point. 


The Colorado wildfires are under control for now as firefighters are battling them every day.