Season Four of “Outer Banks”


Jaleah Albanez Oesterreich, author

“Outer Banks” is a top-rated and successful show with three seasons so far based on a treasure hunt with the five main characters John B, who is really the main character and the whole reason for the show, Kiara was really one of the rich kids but wanted to be apart of the others because she felt she didn’t really fit in, JJ who just really supposed to be the dumb best friend but we got to see way more of him in this last season, Sara was originally just john b’s love interest but just we got to see more of her after the first season, and Cleo who has just reticently joined the group and became more apart of the show.

The “Outer Banks” cast and crew just released season three in February of 2023 and recently announced that there will be a season four of “Outer Banks”. But there is no set release date of when the new season is going to come out. 

In season three of The “Outer Banks” the five characters John B, Kiara, JJ, and Sara, Cleo start off stranded on an island from the same one in season two and eventually see a plane and it comes to rescue them. But when they get on the plane they realize that the person flying the plane actually is working for one of their enemies Ward Cameron, so they eventually get him to crash the plane in the water by a city on an island and go on all these crazy adventures but eventually return to their home island. 

Many people are excited for the new season to come out but some are still unsure if the cast and crew should even release the new season. I think that there should be a new season because in the last season, they kinda left us off with some cliffhangers and I would just like to see some more of all the new couples next season. Some think it might be too many seasons or unnecessary for another season because the show has no cliffhangers. But the many who are excited disagree and believe there are many cliffhangers left to be solved in the rest of the show or in the next season.